M2M Trade Crypto Invest Flatform

The most advanced and efficient investment platform

M2M Trade is a technology platform that uses leading algorithms to trade and invest MeconCash most effectively. We have supported thousands of investors gain millions of dollars in profits, and developed a large investor community in many countries.

Proprietary software
Artificial intelligence application
Market forecast algorithm
Decentralized consensus
Automatic transactions
Expert suport 24/7

Easy to join:

With a minimum capital, investors can easily start investing and experience our technology and services

Easy to use:

M2MTrade is designed for universal application, smart user interface system, friendly, easy to use. Making using and trading cryptocurrency simple.

Safety and Security:

The cryptocurrency transaction data will be stored on a public blockchain, encrypted and completely decentralized. Safe and transparent, no one can interfere with the modification and fraud.

Community and large ecosystem:

MeconCash has been building a comprehensive ecosystem, synchronously connected with many partners to make the ecosystem expand and complete.
As a strategic partner of MeconCash, M2MTrade owns a large investment community and is constantly building and developing to bring the greatest benefits to investors.

Benefits of MeconCash investment with M2MTrade

Joining M2M Trade is an easy and fast way to become a successful MeconCash investor.

MCH cryptocurrency has all the characteristics of a valuable digital asset such as limited reserves, no inflation, can be split very small, can not be faked and does not require intermediaries, so there are many benefits when investing and hoarding.

Attractive Profit:

By investing MeconCash through M2M Trade, customers will receive high discounts, periodic interest rates, and many attractive commissions.

High Liquidity:

With the investment packages through M2M Trade, customers can withdraw interest at any time. Investors can also freely transfer, or pledge to borrow capital automatically.
About Meconcash


PoW & PoS Hybrid Design

MeconCash adopts a hybrid design that is a combination of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. When an mined blocks reaches a certain amount, the POW mining process becomes inefficient. From then on, the POS maintains the network and approves transactions by minting.

Proof of Work Algorithm

MeconCash uses Proof of Work technology proven by BitCoin over the past decade and adopts the SHA-256 algorithm which is the SHA-2 family of encryption hash functions designed by the US National Security Agency (NSA).

Safe Trading and Low Rate Transaction Fee

MeconCash is immediately processed upon transaction, and its high level of encryption prevents customers who made a payment from changing or reversing it. In addition, the low rate transaction fee of 0.01MCH is suitable for commerce.

PoS MeconCash Interest Payment System

At the end of the MeconCash distribution and POW data block maturity period, MeconCash holders can receive up to 1% per annum of POS interest through their Full Node MeconCash wallets. To do so, MeconCash should be stored and be out of use in your wallet.


is backbone of our blockchain ecosystem.

MeconCash will be used as a payment method and reward currency in mobile applications, games, and character services in the block chain ecosystem.
It will be transferred through MeconCash Wallet and also serve as a currency for the real commerce.
P2P brokerage exchanges and the listing of exchanges will make its value further increased.